Zen and the Art
of Surviving a

Zombie Apocalypse

Learn how to Survive

How to find shelter, food, weapons and allies are all very important.

Survival after the fall of society will be nothing like the movies; prepare yourself.

Better yourself

Are you fat? Ugly? Lonesome? I can help with one of those.

Diet and exercise is the tried and true method. You have to want it.

Learn practical skills

  • Basic hand-to-hand combat.
  • Wilderness survival.
  • Emergency preparedness.

have fun!

Above all else, it’s important to have fun. I mean… who wants to live a life without joy?

Rule #2 – Double TapColumbus

Yes you’ve watched the movie, and seen the shows. but honestly… if the horde came bursting through your door this very minute; what would you do?

Are you stocked? Loaded? Do you have food or weapons, even?

Look around the room, if there anything you can drive through a Zombie’s skull?
I thought not; you’re as good as dead.

There are
0.9 Million
people in the US.

With an estimated
infection rate...
0 Million
fucking Zombies running around.

I Like Money

You should give me some.



Are you ready for the inevitable?

Get prepared!

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