The Deep Fried Keto-Dog

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1This is a simple and quick one, Fried Hotdogs wrapped in Bacon! We're using natural casing hot dogs as they fry up the best, you can use skinless but it may dry out quite a bit.

2Grab your weiner and wrap it in bacon like so, doesn't have to be perfect.

3Secure the bacon via toothpicks or bamboo skewers, basically something wood or metal (no plastic, we are going to fucking fry it)

4Once your oil is hot, drop them in. I used a Fry Daddy here but you can do this in a pan or pot.

5The Fry Daddy was not large enough so I had to turn these half-way through.

6This process will only take a few minutes, once your bacon looks crispy (or the hot dog floats to the top of the oil) you're done! Soak up the excess and serve!

7Side it up with some mustard, Mmm.

The Deep Fried Keto-Dog

April 5, 2014

Let's be frank, these fried dogs are the best.

  • Prep: 15 mins
  • Cook: 5 mins


2 Natural Casing Hot Dogs (Skin on)

4 Bacon

2 to 4 cups Oil / Tallow


Nutrition Facts

Serving Size1 - 2
Total Fat41.2
Saturated Fat16.4
Cast Iron, Salt "Aged" Ribeye Steak