Keto: Hydration!

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Difficult getting used to this concept of drinking so much water now.
I’ve literally set a timer so I drink every 30 minutes or so to get through the day.

For Me:
Cups of Water

12 cups / 3 liters is a good goal for daily intake.
More if you’re bigger than me.

Moreover though, let’s talk about the types of water; the difference and why it might matter.

First off let’s nip this in the bud.. Evian, Kangen, Fiji, and whatever other bullshit brands that are like $5+ a bottle are no better than your local store brand.
They may have a different taste, if it matters that much to you to spend 3x as much on it go for it; but maybe you should get eaten during Z-Day.

At any rate, let’s take a look some current fads and the real science behind them:

Hydration Calculator

This is a great web-app to help you see how much you should be drinking.

Click Here

Alkaline Water

The Claim:

With higher concentrations of pH in the water, either natural or artificial alkaline water is supposed to neutralize acid in your blood and stomach, boost metabolism and help your body absorb nutrients more effectively. There are bold claims that it will help prevent disease and slow the aging process.

The Reality:

While nothing has been discredited necessarily, there are no proven studies that link any real benefits to the consumption of alkaline water. As far as I can tell this is an interesting theory that caught momentum and people have perpetuated because it sounds good.


Vitamin Water

The Claim:

I won’t even go into this one, Colbert says everything that needs to be said.

The Reality:

So yeah, it’s water… that’s flavored with sugar; that’s not at least even Gatorade. C’mon now.


Smart Water

The Claim:

No big claim with this one, they just tout it as fancy and vaporized.

The Reality:

Can’t confirm how they “treat” it; but it does contain some natural electrolytes; albeit in very small doses.

10 mg of calcium, 15 mg of magnesium, and 10 mg of potassium per liter on average.


So yeah, drink tap water people.

There are lots of things you can use to add a little spice, this is by no means an exhaustive list as I plan to cover these in-depth in a later article. But…

The list goes on, so no excuses about how bland water is.

Bear in mind if you’re not replenishing your electrolytes proper by upping your Sodium/Potassium/Magnesium intake through supplements or simply salting everything… you’re gonna have a bad day. I cover this in my Electrolyte guide.

Basically with an increase intake of water, you’ll need to replenish your electrolytes or you could become ill,and/or die.

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