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who we are

My name is Garrett Walker, and I am nobody special.
I work a boring job, I live a normal life.
It’s best to think of this website as a lonely guys fantasy football league.

Except instead of football it’s Zombies, and instead of doing nothing; I have decided to get in shape, better myself and learn some new things along the way.

what we do

I prepare for the end.
Only two things are certain in this life, death and the walking dead.
When the time comes, will you survive, or will you be fodder?

how we do it

I spend too much time on the computer; that’s about it.

why we do it

Because I have no life.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am Garrett Walker, I believe that Z-Day is coming; and I intend to be ready.
That’s not a question.
Fine, you smell funny anyway.
Because everyone needs a bit of motivation sometimes.

I started this endeavor out of shape, eating bad things, living a very inactive, sedentary lifestyle; and I was tired of it.

What better to light a fire under your ass than the notion of a Zombie dystopia future?

Absolutely nothing really.
I mean, if you read my blog and find useful information and it helps or motivates you to better your life too… that might be something?
In which case you can wire me some cash I guess.
I’m not saying you should, but I am certainly happy with the progress I have made.
It might serve as motivation; if nothing else it may be funny.
Again… that’s not a question.

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    Simply put: I am not a doctor, medical professional, personal trainer, nutritionist, or anything really. I have no PhDs, Doctorates or really any advanced education. I am just a guy, with a website.

    Any advice, recommendations, endorsements or otherwise; present, implied, or inferred; are done so as a non-professional hobbyist.

    I am not responsible for any psychological, physical, spiritual or financial troubles you may experience after reading the content present on this site, or any of it’s affiliate social media.

    Basically, use your brain, don’t do anything stupid, and take this website for what it is; entertaining fiction with some nuggets of truth and wisdom.

    I want everyone to have fun, but I also don’t want to get sued because you’re stupid.
    So don’t do anything stupid; and if you do don’t blame me.

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    Some call me paranoid. Some call me delusional. Some call me Maurice. Who am I really? A man trying to become more than he ever thought possible.